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Greyhound Rules

Acceptance of bets;

  • Bets are accepted on greyhound races covered live in shop on our full service, the National Greyhound Racing Club(NGRC) and such other NGRC tracks as may be designated for Bookmakers Afternoon & Evening Greyhound Service (BAGS & BEGS) from time to time. We accept bets for Irish Greyhound Racing for Shelbourne Park (excluding Wednesday night) and other Irish greyhound tracks run by the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB).
  • Bets from tracks not covered in our live service will be accepted up to the advertised start time. Bets accepted in error after the advertised start time will stand if it can be established that the bet was placed before the official off time.

Tricasts may also be made available on certain other races specified by us.

Please refer to the Forecast and Tricast sections for specific rules relating to these bets.

Ante Post;

Standard Ante Post rules apply with the following addition:

Where a reserve greyhound is re-introduced into a competition, all bets remain ‘all in run or not’. If the re-introduced greyhound goes on to win or be placed in the race, all bets stand.

Board Prices Accepted;

Board Prices are relayed directly from the greyhound stadium and are displayed on our screens as part of our service. You can take the current Board Price on your bet provided there are 3 or more runners. If a greyhound is withdrawn from a race, no further Board Prices will be available until a new market has been formed. Where Board prices are not provided, S.P. betting is available. 


We offer long odds prices on selected Coursing events throughout the season, Singles & Multiples are accepted on these events and are subject to a maximum pay-out of €5000 Per Customer. We also bet Ante-Post Prices on the Coursing Derby & Oak any single bets are subject to max payout of €50,000 per customer, any doubles on these events will be subject to a Maximum Payout limit of €20,000 Per Customer.

Ante Post Bets if a Greyhound is withdrawn it is Deemed to be a loser.

Long Odds Bets will stand when made after the draw provided the Dog is placed in the slips under the slippers control whether or not the dog leaves the slips.

If a greyhound listed as a runner is withdrawn from the first round only of an event before it comes under the slippers control bets placed on such greyhound shall be refunded and if the odds on such greyhound immediately before the first course in such round be as set out hereunder the liability of the bookmaker in respect of long odds bets on the winner or placed Greyhounds in the event shall be reduced as follows

Odds Deduction on Winnings

Odds on 50 Cent in €

Evens up to 3/1 25 cent in €

10/3 to 15/2 15 cent in €

8/1 and over Nil

In the event of more than one dog being withdrawn from the first round of a stake only the shortest priced dog shall be considered for the purposes of such deduction.

In the event of a final not being run for any reason payment of ante post and Long Odds bets will be as for a Divide

When a divide winner declared occurs we will treat it as a dead heat with the backers entitled to receive the full odds to half their stake.

Re-Scheduled Greyhound Races

Bets placed on a void race, which is re-scheduled to be run later on the same day, will be settled as follows:

Single Bets (Including Single Forecasts and Tricasts)

  • All bets stand, unless a refund is requested prior to the off of the re-scheduled race. Board Prices and Early Prices
  • Bets taken at prices on a Void Race will revert to S.P. for the re-scheduled race. Multiple Bets
  • All selections in Void Races within multiple bets will stand for the re-scheduled race.

In the event that the race is not re-scheduled, all selections in that race will be treated as non-runners within multiple bets.

Reserve Greyhounds;

Some races contain reserves, which may or may not be priced in our Early Prices Lists. The finishing positions of any of these reserves will count whether they are priced or not. The price of any Reserves which run will be offset against any Rule 4 deduction applicable from the non-runner(s). Where customer makes a selection by Trap Number only, any reserves running will count for settlement purposes.

If you place a bet by dog name and the dog is a non-runner, your bet will be void.Where a “No Race” is re-run, all multiple bets that include the “No race” will stand for the re-run. Single bets will stand unless previously cancelled by mutual consent.

All bets struck at board price and not cancelled will be settled at S.P. in the re-run race. When a dog is withdrawn, all bets struck at board price prior to withdrawal, and not cancelled, will be settled at starting price.

Trap Challenge;

We offer prices on which trap will win the most races at selected meetings.

Trap challenge bets are unaffected by reserves, vacant traps, void races or abandoned meetings (once the meeting has started). If a race finishes as a dead heat, each trap is awarded a win each; likewise if there is a three-way dead heat, each trap will receive a win each.

In the event of a meeting not starting, all bets are void.

If two or more traps record the same number of wins, dead heat rules apply.

In the event of a meeting being cancelled in a multi-meeting trap challenge, bets will be settled on the other meetings providing more than one meeting remains; however multi-meeting trap challenge bets will be void if only one meeting remains in that challenge, as prices for that meeting already exist.

This bet is available win only. Multiple bets are accepted as long as the bet is not related. If a related bet is accepted in error, it will be settled by dividing the stake unit equally where the results clash.

A Trap Challenge at a BAGS meeting will be settled on the results of the BAGS races only. Any additional races at the meeting will not be included in this bet, unless specifically advertised


If a greyhound is withdrawn from a race, bets placed prior to the withdrawal at Early/Show prices will be settled at S.P.

Greyhound Specials

Odds V Evens:

Betting is offered for either an Odd numbered Trap (1, 3, 5) or an Even numbered Trap (2, 4, 6) to win a nominated race. In the event of a withdrawn trap all bets will be void on this market, unless the NR had been declared prior to the opening show. Dead Heat rules apply.

To Finish Last:

Betting is offered to nominate a selection to finish a nominated race in Last place. All bets on this market will be settled on the official result of the race. In the event of any dog(s) not completing the course all bets on this market will be settled on the last selection that completes the course. Dead Heat Rules apply.

Name The Winning Distance:

Distance betting is offered on all BAGS/BEGS races covered during shop opening hours. This market is determined by the official winning distance between the 1st and 2nd placed dogs in each race. 3 betting options are offered; Under, Over or exactly a predetermined distance.

Horse & Hounds:

Horse & Hounds are offered on a daily basis and consist of across the card doubles involving a greyhound and horse. Should there be a non-runner or withdrawn selection in either of the races involved with a price of 10/1 or less the bet will revert to a SP double. Should one of the selections be withdrawn the bet will revert to a SP single on the other selection. Prices are not guaranteed on this product as there is an enhancement built in at time of acceptance.

Inside vs. Outside

Betting is offered for either an Inside Trap (1, 2, 3) or an Outside Trap (4, 5, 6) to win a nominated race. In the event of a withdrawn trap all bets will be void on this market, unless the NR had been declared prior to the opening show. Dead Heat rules apply.

Top vs. Middle vs. Bottom

Betting is offered for either Top Traps (1, 2), Middle Traps (3, 4) or Bottom Traps (5, 6) to win a nominated race. In the event of a withdrawn trap all bets will be void on this market, unless the NR had been declared prior to the opening show. Dead Heat rules apply.

Betting Without

Where we offer prices on an event without a nominated trap for settlement purposes the finishing position of the “without” trap will be ignored. In markets where we are “Betting Without” a nominated selection, the place terms will be based on the remaining number of runners excluding the nominated selection. Where the nominated “Without” selection is withdrawn before the start of a race, all bets on any of the field in this market stand. If 2 or fewer runners start the race, then bets will be void.

Although BoyleSports endeavour to cover all eventualities in these rules, they are not exhaustive. Due to the dynamic nature of the betting industry and our commitment to constant development, it is not practical to amend these rules for every new market or Special Offer. In these instances, Terms and Conditions will always be available, either, on display on our In-Shop Screen System, or, on request from any of our Shop Staff. In all instances the onus lies with the customer to confirm any Terms and Conditions prior to placing a bet.

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