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What is Opt-In?

  • It is the new feature for our online promotions. When you see the ‘opt in’ button appear on the homepage banner, promotion page, or even in an email, you must click on the ‘opt in’ button to take up this particular offer.


  • You will only ever need to opt in once per promotion, as the system will remember you based on your login. You MUST be logged in to opt in.

  • If you are not logged in, you will receive this error message

How do I know I have opted in correctly?

  • Once you have logged in and selected the ‘opt in’ button, you will receive this message:


  • You are now opted in to this promotion and will not need to select ‘opt in’ in the future, for this particular promotion. The banner will display to indicate which promotions you are opted in to:

  • You are now opted in! Go enjoy our fantastic promotions, it’s that easy!

Why should you opt In?

  • Here at BoyleSports we are dedicated to providing you with only the most interesting and relevant information about offers for you as an individual. When you opt in, you are telling us what interests you, while also sending us the feedback we need to make this possible!

Can I choose to opt out again?

  • As there are no requirements to be met for this feature, there is no need for you to opt out. You will not need to do anything and nothing will be expected of you! You will always be opted in, just in case you decide you want to continue receiving these fantastic offers. Simple!
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