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How can I verify my age?

As part of our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements surrounding customer verification, we are obliged to confirm that our customers are over 18.

Boylesports takes its legal and moral responsibilities very seriously and as such, should we be unable to verify your age, there may be some restrictions placed on your account.

We realise that supplying documents can sometimes be time consuming, so to enjoy using our services and play freely without interruption, we have a number of options available to allow account holders to verify their details in the most convenient way for them.

Documents can either be uploaded through the  banner displayed when logged into your Online Account, through EMail or through Live Chat.

Satisfactory account verification will be achieved by fulfilling ONE of the below combinations:

  • Uploading or Emailing of a National Driving License
  • Uploading or Emailing of the following:
    • National ID or Passport (picture page) and
    • Proof of Address (for example a utility bill or bank statement), not older than 3 months showing the 4 corners/edges.

How Can I Upload My Documents?

Step 1:

Log into your account using your username/email address and password.

If your account requires verification you will see a banner across the top of your account as below:


Step 2 

Click on 

This will open a confirmation window as shown below:


To upload your document, click on  once again or you can choose to upload it later a time, better suited to you by selecting ‘I’ll do it later thanks’

*Note If you chose to upload your documents at a later time, you may not be able to conduct any transactions, until sufficient documentation has been received and approved.

Further to this, the banner will be present on your account until such a time that verification has been completed.

Step 3

Click on ‘Upload File’, select your document and click on ‘Send’:


*Note For the document to be uploaded, please be advised that the max file size is 4MB, documents should be in color and the format should be either JPEG, PNG or PDF.

Once your document has been submitted you will receive a confirmation screen:


It’s that simple!

Your document will automatically route safely to our security team, who will review your document and update your account accordingly within 24 hours.

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