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Unauthorised Account Access

If you suspect that your games account has been accessed by someone other than yourself then there are several steps you can take to check your account thoroughly. We would suggest that you firstly check your balance to ensure it has not changed.

You can also check your Transactions and Bet histories. Please go to Account Details on the top right hand corner and choose Account History tab. You can check account related information here from your Deposits and Withdrawals, All Transactions, All Bets, Open Bets, Settled Bets, Cancelled Bets, Voided Bets.

Under ALL TRANSACTIONS you can check not only the date and time of your last bet, but what gaming provider you used.

If you suspect any unauthorised access of your account at any time, please contact our 24/7 Boylegames Customer Care through our Live Support or at 1800 22 00 66 (Ire) 0800 22 00 66 (UK) or 00353 42 93 93000 (Int).

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