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I cannot login to the Bingo lobby. Why?

Sometimes, depending on your web browser, you might find that when you click 'Play Now' to open the Bingo Lobby, that nothing happens. This will usually be due to Pop-up blockers being enabled on your web browser. For the Bingo Lobby to open on your computer you will need to allow Pop-ups on your browser.

To allow pop ups you can either disable pop up blockers entirely on your browser, or you can add an exception for . Adding an exception for just our site means that while pop ups from all other websites will continue to be blocked, any pop ups from will open.

Once this has been done and you have restarted your browser, you should have no further issues loading the Bingo Lobby.

Allowing Pop-ups in Google Chrome

Allowing Pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox

Allowing Pop-ups in Microsoft Internet Explorer

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