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Bets on Grand Prix events will be settled on the official competition rules. 
We will settle bets on the result of the podium presentation, regardless of any subsequent disqualifications. 
Bets are accepted on the basis of ‘All in, compete or not’, so if a rider pulls out before the start of the meeting, bets on that rider will be settled as losers.

Outright Championship Betting
We will settle outright championship betting based on the number of points immediately after the final event of the competition. 
This will not be affected by any subsequent enquiries.

Individual Meeting betting
Where odds for both Outright and Handicap betting are available, all bets will be settled on the outright price unless you have specifically requested Handicap at the time your bet was placed. 
However, where only handicap betting is available, all bets will be settled on the advertised handicap price and conditions.

Winning Margins/Correct score
Betting is from scratch. 
All 15 heats must be completed for the winning margin / correct score bets to stand.

Individual Heat betting
If the four programmed riders do not go to the tapes bets are void.

Abandoned fixtures
If a match is abandoned before the meeting is completed, all bets on the match will be void, except where the result to the market has already been determined. 
Ride offs do not count.

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