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All bets will be settled on the official result as declared by the relevant governing body at the time of the trophy presentation. Any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result will not be considered for settlement purposes.

Outright Betting – 
The result of any playoff where required is taken into account. Dead-heat rules will apply to the Place part of Each-way bets. 
In the event of a play-off, the result of the play-off will determine the winner of the tournament. If three or more contestants take part, such a play-off has the sole purpose of deciding the winner of the tournament, and the relative finishing positions of unsuccessful contestants is not affected for Outright, Match, or Group bets.
When more than one player shares the same lowest score in a tournament and there is no play-off, win and place bets will be settled under normal dead heat rules.
For each way bets dead heat rules apply. For example, if each-way terms quoted for a tournament are for the first 4 places, then 3 players tying for third place will be deemed to have dead-heated for third, fourth and fifth place with 1/3 stake lost and 2/3 stake settled at full place odds for each way bets on those players.
In a dead heat the stake on a selection is divided by the number of runners involved in the dead heat. The full odds are then paid to the divided stake with the remainder of the stake being lost.
Outright markets, including Top Nationality, Match & Group Betting, are offered on a non-runner no bet basis, and may be subject to a Rule 4 deduction in the event of a significant withdrawal.
Should a tournament be shortened, or otherwise affected due to weather conditions the trophy presentation will govern settlement, including tournament groups, matches, place only, top 10 and all other 72-hole markets provided at least 36 holes of the event have been completed.
Should 36 holes not be completed then all bets on that event will be void except markets that have already been decided i.e. 'first round 3-balls'.
A player is deemed to have played once they have teed off. In the event of a player withdrawing after having teed off then stakes will be lost on outright, group, match or 18 hole betting. 
Ante-Post bets on any player who takes part in a qualifying tournament but fails to qualify for the main tournament will be classed as losers.
Should there be no further play by any player after a bet has been struck that bell will be void.

Match/Group Betting –
Group Betting markets are offered on a non-runner no bet basis, and may be subject to a Rule 4 deduction in the event of a significant withdrawal, and dead heat rules may apply.
Tournament match and group betting will be settled on the player achieving the highest placing at the end of the tournament including play-off holes if played. 
This will apply, even if both (or all) players ‘miss the cut’; if one player in a match bet misses the cut then the other player is deemed the winner. If both players miss the cut then the lowest score after the cut has been made will determine settlement.
If a player in a match bet is disqualified, or withdraws after starting, either prior to the completion of two rounds or after both players have made the cut, then the other player is deemed the winner.

If a player is disqualified during either the 3rd or 4th rounds, when the other player in the match bet has already missed the cut, then the disqualified player is deemed the winner.
Official tour site results at the time of trophy presentation are used for settlement purposes (subsequent disqualification or amendment after this time does not count).
All bets relating to an individual’s specific round(s) will be settled on the number of strokes registered on the score-card as signed by that competitor upon the completion of play.
If a tournament is affected by adverse weather bets will be settled providing that there is an officially deemed tournament winner and a minimum of 36 holes are completed. The winner will be the player in the lead at the end of the last completed round. 

18 Hole 2 Ball/3 Ball Betting – 
Bets stand once all nominated players tee-off the first hole. If a round is abandoned then bets on that round are void.
If a player does not tee off, then bets on the 2 or 3 Ball they were due to take part in are void.
In 2 Ball betting a price will be offered for a tie. In 3 Ball betting if players have an identical score in the round, the result will be a tie between those players and dead heat rules will apply.
Should a player fail to complete a round or be disqualified he will be deemed a loser.
For tournaments using the Stableford scoring system the highest points scorer during the round is deemed the winner.

Current/Next Hole Betting – 
Player Score –
A player is deemed to have played a specified hole once they have teed off. 
In the event of a player withdrawing after having teed off on a specified hole, bets will be settled as ‘Over Par’. 
If a player withdraws before teeing off on a given hole, bets on that hole will be void. 
2 Ball/3 Ball – 
Bets stand once all nominated players tee-off the designated hole. 
If a player subsequently withdraws during the hole then bets on that player will be settled as a loser. 
Settlement of bets is determined when the players leave the green.

Matchplay Events – 
If a match does not start (e.g. player injured or disqualified before the start of a match) then all bets on that match will be void. 
Matches must be completed for bets to stand; uncompleted matches will be void.
Bets on markets that can be settled by using the official tournament and match results (including final match correct score and individual match betting) will be settled using those results. This includes where a match finishes early either by agreement of the players or through injury. 
Match Winner (2-Way) is settled on the winner including any extra holes played. 
Match Result (3-Way) and Winning Margin do not include extra holes if played. 
If the original structure/format of an event changes after the tournament starts we reserve the right to void/apply a Rule 4 to bets on any market that is affected by this change.

Make/Miss The Cut – 
A tournament cut must be applied for bets to stand. 
In the case of a Tournament where a multiple cut system is in place, settlement will be defined by a player playing or not playing in the next Round following the 1st official cut. 
Players who are disqualified or withdraw before they complete 36 holes are deemed to have missed the cut.
Players who are disqualified or withdraw subsequent to posting a score equal to or better than the official cut mark (after they have completed 36 holes) will be deemed to have made the cut.

Hole In One – 
Market relates to a hole in one being recorded in the designated Rounds of a specified tournament. 
In the event of adverse weather affecting the tournament, bets will stand as long as a minimum of 36 holes of a tournament are played. 
In the event of a hole in one being recorded, but 36 holes not being played then the ‘Yes’ option will be deemed the winner.

To Win a Major – 
The term ‘Major’ refers to the US Open, US Masters (The Masters Tournament), British Open (The Open Championship), and USPGA (PGA Championship) only.

Race To Dubai/US Money List – 
Bets placed on the Race To Dubai / US Money List, are bets to predict which golfer tops the official money list at the end of the season, all in compete or not. 
In Europe it is called the ‘Race To Dubai’, and in the United States it is called the ‘US Money List’. 
Bets will be determined by the overall winner following the last relevant tournament and will not be affected by any subsequent enquiries or alterations.

Amateur Golf

Leading Qualifier – Dead Heat Rules will apply if leading players finish on the same score.

Scratch Cups – The winning selection will be determined on who is officially nominated the winner. Place selections will be settled on the total score and not on finishing position declared by Golf club (count back on card will not count for place betting). Dead heat rules will apply to the place betting.

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