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Specific Rules Applicable to Bets

All bets are subject to the following rules

We accept bets for all meetings held under the rules of recognised Jockey Clubs, Turf Clubs, and National Hunt Committees worldwide (point to point excluded), the National Greyhound Racing Club(NGRC),  tracks Wimbledon and such other NGRC tracks as may be designated for Bookmakers Afternoon & Evening Greyhound Service  (BAGS & BEGS) from time to time. We accept bets for Irish Greyhound Racing for Shelbourne Park and other Irish greyhound tracks (Excluding Harold's Cross) run by the Irish Greyhound Board (IGB).

Selections for other sporting events may be accepted by Boylesports if a price is agreed between you and us. In addition, any instructions or terms issued by us by means of a press announcement or a notice posted by us in our betting offices are part of these conditions of acceptance and Rules.  "Conditional" or "any to come" bets are not accepted with the exception of round robin and flag bets.

We reserve the right to declare void any bet whose bona fides we are not satisfied with, win or lose. 


All Ante Post bets are accepted and settled on a Rules of Racing basis only. Ante Post bets are accepted on the basis of 'all in', whether the horse or selection participates or not. This means that if the horse or selection does not run or participate in the race/event named, the bet is a loser. This applies even if the selection was not entered in the race, as long as there was the possibility that it could have been entered at a later stage. All Ante-Post prices are subject to fluctuation and Ante-Post bets will be settled at the price ruling at the time of acceptance and must be recorded on the betting slip by our staff. Our right is reserved to correct any palpable or obvious errors. If a bet is placed on an Ante
Post selection before the entries have closed, the bet will stand. The selection will only become void if:

  • The race/event is abandoned or declared void.
  • In the case of horseracing, a horse is balloted out or eliminated under Jockey Club Rule 125, or prevented from running under Jockey Club Rule 1A.
  • The venue changes.
  • In the case of horseracing and greyhound racing, if the conditions of the race entry are changed prior to the horses or greyhounds coming under starters orders.
  • In the case of horseracing, where the horse had already been withdrawn from the race at the time of acceptance.
  • Specific terms such as "with a run" were offered at the time the bet was placed and the selection is subsequently withdrawn as a non-runner.

Where the above conditions apply to a selection in an Ante Post multiple bet, the selection in question will be treated as a non-runner and the bet settled at the Ante Post odds laid on the remaining selections. Doubles, trebles & accumulators will be calculated at accumulative odds, except when the same selection is taken to win two or more events, when reduced odds may apply. If a bet on an Ante Post selection was placed after the entries closed, it will become void unless: The race is run on a later date at the same venue; and entries are not re-opened, in which case the bet will stand. However, if the conditions of the race change (e.g. if the race is to be run over a different distance), all affected Ante-Post selections will be void. Each-Way Ante Post bets are settled according to the Each-Way terms advertised at the time the bet was placed. Ante Post selections can be included in most types of bets, including our range of specialty bets. However, any built-in bonuses and consolations specific to certain specialty bets (such as double the odds one winner on a Lucky 15/31/63 bet) will not apply. We do not accept "place only", "any- to -come" or "if cash" bets at Ante-Post odds.
In the event of a postponement of a race or event - if the declarations are re-opened - all bets placed before the postponement will be void, win or lose.


Different bets may not be combined where the result of one influences the outcome of another. Example: Liverpool to win the F.A. Cup Semi-final 6/5, Liverpool to win the Cup outright 2/1 - €10 Double on above or similar type bet would be settled as a €5 single on each. However, a special price is available for most combinations of Football results, i.e. 1st Goalscorer plus correct score, etc. If two selections run in the same race are included in a double, treble or accumulator, both win and place stakes will be equally divided between the two. A double will become 2 singles; a treble will become two doubles and so on. If however, either of the selections should be doubly engaged, settlement will be determined by application of the rule "Double Engaged".

If the same selection is repeated in a double, treble or accumulator, then a non-runner will be substituted for the repeated selection. Where a horse and greyhound or a virtual horse or greyhound with identical names are engaged to run on the same day, untimed bets for that selection will be settled for the horse race unless it is otherwise indicated that the greyhound or virtual horse is required. Where a selection is given both by name and trap number, the name will take precedence for the purpose of settlement. Untimed or wrongly timed bets on unnamed favourites where the meeting is specified will be automatically settled for the next race after acceptance of the bet at that meeting.


At all horse or greyhound meetings when we are receiving a "Course Betting service" we will lay the current quoted price of the selection at the time the bet is accepted.

Neither a "bar price" nor the instruction "first show" will be accepted; if taken in error the selection will be settled at the starting price. Customers wishing to bet at board or morning prices must stipulate this when handing in the bet, ensuring that the quoted price is marked on the betting slip by our Staff, and countersigned by them, otherwise the bet will be settled at the starting price.

Where a board or morning price is laid, this will apply to the selection throughout the slip. Should there be an (official) correction of a price or starting price, whichever was wrongly transmitted, all wagers struck at that price will be settled at the corrected price or starting price, whichever is the greater, a similar correction will be made where, due to a mistake by a member of our staff a price has been incorrectly quoted, whether to the customers advantage or not. This rule will similarly apply where morning prices advertised or displayed on the day of an event are marked incorrectly on the betting slip by a member of our Staff. Settlement of the place part of each way bets where a price has been laid (except ante-post) is determined by our Place term Rule A horse race bet laid in accordance with advertised or circulated prices on the day of the race is not an ante-post bet and in the event of any withdrawals such horse(s) will count as non-runners and bets for other horses will be subject to a deduction equivalent to that of Tattersall's Rule 4, the rate depending upon the advertised or quoted price(s) of the withdrawn horse(s). When a rule 4 deduction applies to an early priced race and the result renders the price less than the returned S.P. price, we will pay at the SP. This applies to singles only.

*Morning Prices on horses are available or up to the transmission of the 1st show from the course.

*Morning Prices on Greyhounds are available up to 20 minutes before the advertised off time, or up to the transmitted 1st show whichever occurs earliest. No prices are available on Horse Racing once the race has started.


An Each-Way bet is made up of 2 parts: the 'Win' and the 'Place'. Each part is an equal stake, e.g. a €/£1

Each Way bet will have €1 on the 'Win' and €/£1 on the 'Place' (a total stake of €/£2). The 'Win' part of your bet is on your selection to win the event, and the 'Place' part is on your selection to finish either first or in one of the pre-determined places. If your selection wins, both the 'Win' and 'Place' parts of your bet will pay out. But if your selection only places, you will lose the 'Win' part of your bet (and lose that part of the stake) but get paid out on the 'Place'.

The odds for the 'Place' are given as a fraction of the odds for the 'Win' and will be displayed to you when you place your bet. Each-Way betting is most common in horse and greyhound racing, and is also usually available in other sports e.g. Football or Golf tournaments. For Horse and Greyhound Racing, the 'Place' part of Each Way bets will be given the following Place terms:

Non-Handicap Races

2 - 4 Runners Win Only. 5 – 7 Runners 1/4 the Odds 1st, 2nd. 8 or more Runners 1/5 the Odds 1st 2nd & 3rd.

Handicap Races

2 - 4 Runners Win Only. 5 - 7 Runners 1/4 the Odds 1st, 2nd. 8 - 11 Runners 1/5 the Odds 1st, 2nd, 3rd.
12 - 15 Runners 1/4 the Odds 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 16 or more Runners 1/4 the Odds 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th.

Please Note: We may promote Special Offers that would supersede the above quoted Place Terms.

Please note: Horse races with 4 runners or less, there is no place betting available and all the stake will go on to win. For example if you have €/£1 Each Way and there are only 4 runners, the bet will be settled as €/£2 win. Also, Non-Runners in a race can affect the Each-Way terms of your bet. For example, if your bet is placed in an 8 runner race, and a horse later withdraws reducing the field to 7, the Each-Way terms will change from 1/5 odds first 3 places to 1/4 odds on the first 2 places only. For overseas racing where we pay pari-mutuel returns, the each way terms will be as Determined by the local pari-mutuel rules. See overseas racing section.


In cases where we offer an enhanced price for multiple bets, such as doubles or trebles, any non-runners will be treated as void selections. For example, a treble with a non-runner will be settled as a double on the remaining selections. The prices for the remaining selections will be based on the advertised prices and not the enhanced odds.

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