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Transferring funds to poker



How do I transfer funds to my poker account?

If you have a positive balance in your sportsbook account you can deposit money into your poker account instantly via a transfer. Simply click on the Cashier button in the poker lobby and then Transfers. Enter the amount you wish to transfer in the appropriate box and click on Transfer Now.


I cannot transfer funds to my poker account, why?

This issue may occur if your sportsbook account becomes blocked due to 3 unsuccessful login attempts. To have your account unblocked, please contact our customer services department.


Can I transfer funds to another player?

If you wish to transfer funds to another player, you must contact our customer services department who can review your request.

Please note that any player you transfer funds to will be unable to play on the same tables as you, as an automatic security exclusion is put in place between players who make transfers to one another.

Player transfer funds can only be used for playing poker and casino games within the Boylepoker lobby, and cannot be directly withdrawn from your account.


Is there a transfer limit?

All new accounts are automatically limited to €500 ( or currency equivalent) of transfers per day until we have carried out a successful security check. If you wish to have your limit reviewed, please contact our Support Team.

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