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How do I cash in my loyalty points?

As you build up Loyalty Points on your Bingo account, you can exchange them for a bonus via the Bingo Loyalty Club Shop. You can trade your points for a number of different bonus types including an All Casino Bonus,  All Bingo Bonus, Games Bonus and many more. You can also exchange your points for a cash bonus.

Exchanging your points is quick and simple and can be done by following these steps:

  1. Open the Bingo Lobby (click Play Now)
  2. Click Account -> Loyalty Club
  3. Click the Loyalty Club Shop tab.
  4. If you would prefer a bonus instead of cash, make sure the Bonus Funds circle is ticked in green, then select your preferred bonus from the drop down menu. Alternatively, tick the Cash circle and follow the same procedure to receive a cash bonus.
  5. Enter the amount of points you would like to exchange. 
  6. Click Redeem.
  7. Your preferred bonus will then be credited to your account.

Note: Bonus funds may only be used when your available cash balance is zero.

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