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Why did I not get the full returns from my bet?

There may be occasions where the returns from your bet differ slightly to those quoted at the time of bet placement. This can be due to reasons such as:

Rule 4 deduction: A Rule 4 deduction is applied to any winning bets where a participant withdraws after the time of bet placement and before the start of the event. The Rule 4 deduction is an industry standard and is used to reflect the reduced field. 

Dead-Heat: A dead-heat is where two or more participants finish the event in a tied position, any bets on these participants are settled according to dead-heat rules. For example, if three participants contest first position in an event, all bets placed on any of the three participants are settled as winners at a third of the stake at the full odds quoted.

Obvious Error: This is when the odds or line quoted at the time of bet placement are clearly incorrect. After the error is rectified the bet is resettled at the correct odds.

If you are still unsure about your returns, please contact our Support Team who can review bet settlement for you.

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